Newsletter – October 2016

At the September working bee in Wybejong Park, a small group of people juggled planting new wattle trees and cleaning up dead wattle trees cut down by Parks Victoria.
The number of our participants has got smaller as some members have moved to other towns or are caring for family members who have become ill.
If you are new to town or have lived here a while and just found you have time on oneĀ  Saturday morning a month, Greening of Riddell would love to see you. We meet at the car park in the Carre Riddell Reserve at 9:30 am and draw up a blackboard of jobs to be done.
We generally do a Job Safety Analysis to remind people of possible risks and ways to avoid them. We choose which jobs we feel comfortable with and scatter through the Park to get them done.
At 11 am we regroup for morning tea and a chat and people who can stay go back to work for a while. We do this on the first Saturday of the month, every month of the year because working collectively on public land surrounded by the beauty of the bush and creek is an absolute joy – an addictive absolute joy!
Recently we have had to traverse the creek by walking or driving over the road bridge because the spillway has been inundated and the stepping stones have disappeared. The flood in the middle week of September has cleaned out the creek and rejuvenated the riparian zone. Some of our plant shave washed away and many of our wooden stakes have gone east to the Maribyrnong River. But what goes around comes around and we have gathered numerous stakes and guards washed downstream from plantings to the west.
It was good to see lots of people coming down to the creek to witness the drama of a river in flood.


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